Happy Birthday, Cher!

Happy Birthday Cher


Cher reveals on TODAY she's adding 27 more dates to 'farewell' tour

By Randee Dawn

Cher just doesn't quit. At 67 years young, the singer and Oscar-winning actress has been on the road with her "Dressed to Kill" tour, but she's not close to retiring. In fact, as she revealed exclusively on TODAY Wednesday, she's adding 27 new shows to the current lineup.

"When I'm on that stage, I'm doing my job," she told TODAY's Tamron Hall. "That's my only job, just to take you out of yourself, be part of this huge collective. We all kind of come together as a group. We forget that we're separate."

She's jokingly described this tour as her "farewell farewell" tour, referring to the fact that she already made hay out of retiring with her 2002 to 2005 "Living Proof: The Farewell Tour." And the truth is, she seems to love touring so much it's hard to imagine her ever giving it up entirely.

This time, she's even brought late husband and onetime performing partner Sonny Bono into the mix, showing images of him during the show and even duetting with those photos.

"I thought I could never do that," she said, then added that she was able to do it on this tour because "I knew it was the last time. ... He'll be so excited to be onstage, 'cause he was such a ham."

The truth is, Cher may love to perform, but she's just as happy to be a homebody. "I have this one kind of personality that loves to be with people and talk and whatever and sing and whatever," she said. "And I have this other personality that wants to sit and be quiet, watch old movies. ... I'm very much of an introvert, totally."

Nonetheless, Hall was able to get the self-described shy performer to do something she'd never done before — appear in a selfie!

Cher's album "Closer to the Truth" is in stores now. Her additional tour dates begin in September.

5/14/14 | Source: Today.com

Cher hits Barclay's Center with excellent reviews

By Omar Lares

Cher - D2K - Barclays

On Friday night, the legendary Cher performed at Barclay's Center and received, for the most part, fantastic reviews for her show. The New York Daily News said what most people thought--the show further solidified Cher's legendary icon status. The New York Post says, in its excellent review, that the singer took her “If I Could Turn Back Time” hit literally on Friday night.

On Twitter, the reviewers also were positive. "Cher is 68, but she performs better than most pop stars who are 28," said one reviewer. Another one said, "This has to be one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. Thank God for Cher. Too bad I am the same age and will never look as good!"

Cher's "Dressed to Kill" tour has been a huge hit, selling out every single venue where she appears. Unlike Lady Gaga, Cher isn't giving away hundreds of tickets in order to make her shows look full. Unlike Madonna, she isn't starting her shows two hours late. The successful tour comes right on the heals of Cher's successful "Closer to the Truth" album, which became her highest charting album in years. Several music reviewers complimented Cher on her continued vocal excellence and production, which she had great control of on this album.

Though Cher is a huge icon, she had to overcome a lot to reach her status. She wasn't taken seriously as either an actress or singer, but eventually won people over. She won an Oscar for her performance in "Moonstruck." Then, her career took a nosedive after doing infomercials. Proving she is just like a cockroach, Cher came back with the biggest hit of her career, "Believe," in 1998. Since then, she has been touring to huge crowds. She is one diva all the young female starlets should look up to for inspiration.

5/10/14 | Source: Examiner

Cher confirmed to appear on forthcoming Wu-Tang Clan album

By Sean Michaels

Cher has confirmed her appearance on Wu-Tang Clan's forthcoming one-of-a-kind album. The singer isis said to have recorded vocals on her own, rather than join the Wu-Tang rappers in the studio. "[Cher] recorded her parts separately, so I don't believe there was direct interaction," a spokesperson told Rolling Stone.

On Wednesday, Forbes released a short sample from Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, giving the public its first – and possibly its last – taste of the tightly guarded LP. Cher's voice can be heard at the end of the teaser; observant fans had already noted that an early Cher alias, Bonnie Jo Mason, is listed in the album's official credits.

Wu-Tang Clan have said only one copy of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin exists, to be sold to the highest bidder after it tours galleries and universities around the world. Forbes reporter Zack O'Malley Greenburg was allowed to examine it at Marrakech's exclusive Royal Mansour hotel; it has now allegedly been moved to a secret location.

According to the album's producer, Tarik "Cilvaringz" Azzougarh, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is a conceptual record that evokes Wu-Tang's original, mid-90s sound. "This is the final time that you're going to be able to hear the guys as they were then," he added. Rappers' vocals were repeatedly rejected when they didn't seem ferocious enough. "It's difficult … to get brothers into that mode again – as if they just came off the street, as if they were still out there trying to make a living and surviving ... [But] the beats were aggressive, and [they] actually commanded the way they performed."

While Wu-Tang Clan may eventually sell the album through an official auction house, they have reportedly received private offers of as much as $5m £2.95m). Although fans launched a crowdfunding campaign to buy and share the LP's music, so far they have only raised about $15,000 (£8,800).

Meanwhile, Wu-Tang Clan are also working on another album, titled A Better Tomorrow. Band member RZA issued a 30-day ultimatum at the end of last month, claiming that if the group doesn't "come to terms" with Raekwon, who has yet to record his vocals, they could release the full-length album without him.

5/8/14 | Source: The Guardian

Cher’s final (she says) farewell tour stops in Raleigh

By David Menconi

Cher has always been good at making entrances. Making an exit, however, is another matter because it seems that she never can say goodbye. So it is that 14 years after her previous “Farewell” tour played Raleigh, she’ll be back at PNC Arena Wednesday, with ’80s pop star Cyndi Lauper opening.

Maybe, just maybe, this really will be the last go-round for Cher, who turns 68 later this month (but still looks pretty fabulous). We caught up with her by phone from a tour stop in Philadelphia.

Q: You’ve been doing this a long time, so when do you envision the goodbyes finally winding down?

A: This is it, it really is. I’m not coming back at age 75, and you have to know when it’s time to go. This show would kill a girl of 20; it’s rough and it’s hard, and it has me doing three shows in four days. It just works out that way. It’s hard on Cyndi, too, she puts on an unbelievable show. She never stops running around the stage, either.

Q: What will you do once you’re off the road?

A: Lots of things. Broadway, directing, acting, charity work. It’s endless. But I have an amazing amount of energy. The other day I was working out, doing butt squeezes on the floor. And I just burst out, ‘Oh my God, I’m old!’ Everyone else in the room was about 40, but I was still holding my own. I always have. In school, I was a tomboy when I met Sonny, played a lot of softball. I’ve always enjoyed running around.

Q: Who’s current that you listen to?

A: Adele, I guess, but I haven’t been listening to anything else since this tour started eight months ago. There’s too much preparing to do. My director and I make up the show, and writing involves so many details. There are a million things to look at, so I don’t have time to listen to or watch anything else.

Q: How much time and effort do you have to put into being, you know, Cher?

A: I can’t work out every day, but I usually do four days a week on the road. That part where I’m doing three shows in four days is like my work week, and those days I’ll do light workouts; maybe an hour and 15 minutes. I don’t follow too much of a diet, I kind of eat what I want to.

Q: What do you think of Miley Cyrus?

A: Well, I didn’t like that thing she did at the VMAs very much. But it was still kind of brilliant in that she was appealing to HER audience, and people keep talking about it. We still are, too. There are things I like about her – her bravery and her voice. So that might not have been her best work, but it was her greatest work, if that makes any sense. So daring.

Q: Do you think songs like your 1970s-vintage hits “Half-Breed” or “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” could get on the radio today?

A: Not even, because they weren’t very good songs. They were part of the formula and people liked them, so they were commercial hits. But Sonny was picking everything back then. I’d go into the studio, record for two or three days and that was an album. It’s different now, for sure. I don’t record all at once and I work with different producers, so it takes more like six months even though I’m quick in the studio and can knock things out. I can stand and sing for two hours and usually have most of it down. But you have to find the songs, get people to write for you. It’s a different process that takes a long time.

Q: What was Phil Spector like back when you and Sonny Bono were part of his “Wall of Sound” productions 50 years ago?

A: He was always weird. I was too young and dumb, without the right temperament to take any of his (expletive), so we had a different relationship than everyone else. Sonny would say, ‘Cher, please, he’s my boss!’ But I wasn’t thinking about the record business and didn’t know how famous he was. He was always kind of crazy. I remember doing his Christmas album and wondering, ‘My God, how is everybody doing this? I’m 17 and it’s killing me.’ What I didn’t know was that everybody else was doing drugs. When it was over, I took Phil to the airport to fly back east. He was terrified of flying and had taken a bunch of drugs, and his plane was canceled and we had to wait for the next one. So he fell asleep in the middle of the airport, and I was a 17-year-old girl trying to maneuver him to the next gate. He could be so much fun, but also really mean. He’d pick on Sonny a lot, but Sonny was patient. But he always treated me well, because I’d tell him to go (expletive) himself.

Q: Raleigh had a controversy last fall about the police cracking down on charities feeding the homeless in a city park, and you weighed in about it on Twitter. Will you make a donation?

A: Yes. This tour, I’m donating to feed people because the government’s not doing a very good job of it. I don’t understand why people were getting threatened with jail after doing that for a long time, and you’re not the only city that’s doing that now. It seems to be the trend. If you don’t want homeless people in certain areas, don’t feed them. But people are struggling.

Q: How did you get into the cause of providing better helmets to the military?

A: My sister sent me a piece from the newspaper and told me to do something about it. So I got in touch and came to the conclusion that nothing was being done about our troops having substandard helmets. The helmets that football players wear are a thousand times more protective. I started buying inserts at $99 each. If you don’t have the proper insert, blasts will make your head clang like a bell, which is one reason why there’s so much head trauma. Lives are in the balance and nothing was being done, which I thought was insane. So I did something.

Q: Is your life now what you imagined it might be back when you were young?

A: When I was young, I could not imagine getting old, so I had no thoughts about it. Then when I turned 40, I thought, ‘Oh, I’ve passed and now I’m old – and I don’t even feel it!’ Work-wise, 40 was the biggest year of my life. Now, being older is not as much fun as being younger, not by a long shot. But it’s what you deal with.

5/1/14 | Source: New Observer

Cher wears checkered coat and raven wig in ELLE's
Women in Music issue


Cher in Elle Mag

At nearly 70, she's had an enviable five-decade career in music, acting, and modeling.

And pop diva Cher easily defied her 67 years in a fuzzy checkered coat and raven wig for ELLE's seventh annual Women in Music issue.

However, fans best beware of using the term 'legend' to describe the evergreen Oscar winner - born Cherilyn Sarkisian.

'I hate that word!' the Burlesque star told the mag. 'Legend, icon, diva. I hate all those f***ing words. They're meaningless. I prefer Cher.'

The May edition - on newsstands Tuesday - features cover girl of the moment Miley Cyrus in a beaded Marc Jacobs ensemble.

Cher also has enviable stamina and show no signs of retiring in the midst of her Dressed To Kill Tour, which runs through November.

'The Road is TOUGH. Thank God.. Im TOUGHER! I AM KICKING ITS ASS RIGHT NOW, But Cant Kick It 4Ever! You Haven't Seen the Last of Me,' she wrote on her Facebook page last week.

The surgically-enhanced singer's body is still slim enough to rock out sexy sequined bodysuits for the sold-out concerts.

Pat Benetar and Cyndi Lauper open the show, which features six costume changes, dancers & acrobats, and moving set pieces like a large Trojan horse.

The Believe crooner will next take her Dressed To Kill Tour to New York's First Niagra Center in Buffalo on Wednesday.

4/18/14 | Source: Daily Mail

Cher gives gaudy, glamorous farewell at American Airlines Center

By Tiney Ricciardi

Cher in Dallas

“Hello? Can you hear me?”

Cher’s voice resonated from behind a curtain at a packed American Airlines Center in Dallas. Due to audio difficulties, the pop legend had been standing in costume for 25 minutes waiting for the show to start, and she didn’t seem enthused.

The fans, on the other hand, were anxiously squirming. That Wednesday night show was, most likely, the last opportunity they would get to see Cher in concert on what she would later call her “new and improved farewell, farewell tour.”

Cher may have been the main event, but entertainment began as soon as attendees walked in the venue. Fans — most in the 50-years-plus range — dressed in lavish costumes with no shortage of sequins, rhinestones or feathers. A few fanboys in the first row wore homemade T-shirts with iron-on pictures of previous times they met Cher. One couple opted for a 1960s head-to-toe Sonny and Cher look, while another uncannily resembled openers Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo.

Celebrating 35 years on stage, Benatar and Giraldo impressively rocked the highlights of their catalog, including “Shadows of the Night,” “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Heartbreaker,” which included a mini reprise of Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, and the White Stripes songs. Amazingly, Benatar’s gritty and powerful voice hasn’t wilted.

None could upstage the queen diva, however. From the moment Cher arrived on stage in a dazzling pharaoh outfit and feather headdress for “Woman’s World,” the concert was a non-stop sensory feast with no less than 10 eccentric costume changes, including a variety of styled and colored wigs.

After “Strong Enough,” Cher swiftly morphed from Egyptian pharaoh to devilish temptress, emerging from the stage floor on a sparkling chandelier for “Dressed to Kill,” off 2013’s Closer to the Truth. She then jetted back to the ’60s with a red sequin dress and feather jacket for “The Beat Goes On” before becoming: the star of her own circus (“Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves”), a glamorous Indian chief in floor-length headdress (“Half Breed”), a burlesque dancer (“Welcome to Burlesque”), byzantine goddess (“I Hope You Find It”) and gladiator (“Take it Like a Man”), among others.

In what the singer said was a first for the tour, Cher performed “I Got You Babe” as a duet with a video of Sonny Bono, who seemed to be looking directly at her.

Ornate set pieces constantly flew on and off stage between songs, much like I’d expect to see at Cher’s recent Las Vegas residency. And a team of skilled dancers and aerial artists entertained during the gaps for wardrobe changes. Just watching the spectacle was exhausting.

The performance was most explicitly an homage to Cher’s career. Intermittent video montages chronicled her work both on stage and screen.

And age is clearly just a number: At 67, she wowed the audience with exact vocal execution, and she looked fabulous doing it. She can even still pull off her outfits of yesteryear — like a costume Wednesday night that was strikingly reminiscent of her black, barely-there leotard from the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video.

If this really was goodbye, Cher went out with a bang. Though it’s obvious her followers would welcome a third chance to dance her out the door.

3/27/14 | Source: Dallas Morning News

Cher Delivers Classic Hits, Outrageous Costumes, at Dazzling
'Dressed to Kill' Tour Opener

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Cher D2K

The legendary singer kicked off her 49-date North American run in Phoenix last night

Two hours before Cher was scheduled to hit the US Airways Center stage in Phoenix, AZ to kick off her "final" farewell tour, the 67-year-old multi-hyphenate entertainer said she was backstage sobbing.

Three songs into her March 22 concert, the first of her 49-date North American 'Dressed to Kill' tour, Cher broke into a monologue where she confessed that some of her costumes didn't fit right, that she couldn't remember the words to two of her songs, and that she broke the nail on her middle finger.

"Tonight you're going to see the show warts and all -- but it'll be the first," she said.

And while it wasn't without its imperfections, Cher still managed to pull off a spectacular opening-night show in front of a sold-out, multi-generational crowd that adored her every word and move. The occasional vocal miscues (a side effect of opening-night jitters, perhaps) were easily forgiven, as they brought the concert an endearing level of realism that is sometimes lacking in super-synchronized, big-production arena concerts.

At 10:20 p.m., Cher arrived on stage atop a pedestal in a glittering goddess gown -- complete with an elaborate, feathery headdress -- while singing the feminist anthem "Woman's World" from her latest album, "Closer to the Truth." Her distinctive voice was in good form, aided by a collective of female backup singers.

A gladiator-themed "Strong Enough" followed just before her monologue, during which she also poked fun at Kim Kardashian's world-famous derriere.

"I know it's cool to have a big ol' ass booty," Cher said before adding, "[Mine is] not that bad for my age. Kim Kardashian probably has a photo album of her ass."

Cher brandished her self-deprecating humor throughout the show, making cracks about her own insecurities and her age.

"If I fall on my ass, my shoes are slippery tonight. It's not me," she said. "It's not drugs or drinking, as everybody on Twitter accuses me of... I'm kind of amazed anyone showed up. I thought, 'Jesus Christ, they're out there. What are they? Crazy?'"

Cher - Dressed to Kill"Dressed to Kill," her tour's namesake, came next. It was an appropriate song given the number of costume changes in the show, and the heart palpitations they gave her screaming fans. From the get-go, Cher -- who recently ended her 43-year professional relationship with designer Bob Mackie -- didn't disappoint in the costume department. Colorful and bold, Cher's stage looks were anything but understated, with many of them winking back to the classic ensembles the diva has sported during her 40-year career. Like her clothes, Cher's trademark wigs were equally flashy, with a parade of colors -- neon pink for "Believe," platinum blonde for "Take It Like a Man," sunset red for "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves," big, black and bold for "If I Could Turn Back Time" -- that made them a show unto themselves.

The only person in the arena who had any complaint about Cher's outfits was, of course, the diva herself: "Think Lady Gaga has safety pins on her dress? I don't think so. Maybe just vomit," she said, referring to Gaga's now-infamous SXSW stunt. "That was interesting."

During costume changes, Cher kept the audience entertained with video clips from her films, and footage of her alongside her late, former husband Sonny Bono. During a particularly heart-wrenching moment, Bono appeared on stage, via a giant video screen, during a duet of "I Got You Babe," which proved to be one of the show's most poignant moments.

A parade of "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves," otherwise known as Cher's massive dance troupe, made its way around the main floor during the vibrant rendition of the 1971 hit. After "Half Breed," during which she donned a massive Native American headdress, Cher paid tribute to her appearance in the film "Burlesque" with "Welcome to Burlesque" and "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," a somehow prophetic title considering her track record of farewell shows. Riding inside a gilded horse, Cher opted for a striking gladiator theme while singing "Take It Like a Man."

In a video clip, Cher described her mother's obsession with Elvis Presley and recounted the enthusiasm felt when she and her mom saw "the King" in concert. Cher honored that moment with a cover of Marc Cohn's "Walking in Memphis."

Performances of "Heart of Stone" and "The Shoop Shoop Song" led up to a bevy of classic Cher mega-hits. After treating the crowd to a version of her Billboard top 10 hit "I Found Someone," Cher slipped into a revealing black bodysuit similar to the one she famously wore in her 1989 video "If I Could Turn Back Time." "This is what the outfit was made for," Cher said, driving the audience into such a frenzy that ticketholders in one main floor section attempted to rush the stage.

A little after midnight, Cher was finally ready to call it quits. With a pink bobbed wig set atop her head, she led her band through a high-energy version of her chart-topping dance hit for "Believe" before ending the 20-song set with her recent single, "I Hope You Find It."

Also treating the audience to a collection of classic hits were show openers Pat Benatar and Neil "Spyder" Giraldo, who took the stage around 8:30 p.m. Celebrating their 35th year in music, Benatar and Giraldo were entertaining in their own right, cranking out hit after hit for about an hour, much to the delight of the crowd.

But Cher -- who jokingly called herself the "weak link of the evening" -- was clearly worth the price of admission all by herself. The only time her enthusiastic fans showed even a sliver of disappointment was when Cher told them this truly was the last time she'd hit the road -- a statement that was met with a chorus of boos.

"I swear to God, this is my farewell, farewell tour," she said. "I'll be my mother if I do another concert."

Set List:
"Woman's World"
"Strong Enough"
"Dressed to Kill"
"The Beat Goes On"
"I Got You Babe"
"Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves"
"Dark Lady"
"Half Breed"
"Welcome to Burlesque"
"You Haven't Seen the Last of Me"
"Take It Like a Man"
"Walking in Memphis"
"Just Like Jesse James"
"Heart of Stone"
"The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)"
"I Found Someone"
"If I Could Turn Back Time"
"I Hope You Find It"

3/23/14 | Source: Billboard

Cher in Arizona ahead of upcoming tour launch

By Ryan Van Velzer

Cher's sequins and rhinestones are glittering somewhere in the Valley of the Sun, according to Cher's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, who confirmed that the pop diva has made it to Phoenix, adding, "Follow the Swarovski crystals on the Yellow Brick Road – second star to the right."

Cher first created a social-media buzz around the Valley on Wednesday and Thursday when she posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with teasers surrounding her Dressed to Kill tour, which opens in Phoenix on Saturday, March 22, at US Airways Center.

On Wednesday, March 12, Cher posted to her Facebook "Arizona! #d2k" with a photo showing an entourage including a private jet and black SUVs.

Fellow traveler Lisa Ilardi commented on Cher's post: "It was a pleasure flying u into Phx. Hope u enjoyed your flight."

On Thursday, March 13, Cher posted to Facebook and Twitter complaining the desert is rough on her throat with a photo of her entourage (minus the jet) in a concrete building. She also posted a Foursquare page on Facebook with the Dressed to Kill tour date at US Airways Center.

3/14/14 | Source: AZcentral

Cher's longtime costume designer steps down from final tour

CherPop superstar Cher has been left heartbroken after learning her longtime costume designer, Bob Mackie, will no longer be able to dress her for her upcoming farewell tour.

The Believe hitmaker announced plans last year (13) to hit the road for one final tour in 2014, and in August (13), she expressed her delight after discovering Mackie would be responsible for creating her onstage wardrobe once again.

Taking to Twitter.com, she wrote, "Just heard that Bob will make costumes for the tour. It makes me so unbelievably happy! Last time around, wouldn't be me without him."

However, other commitments have since prompted 73-year-old Mackie to withdraw, leaving Cher to put her faith in Hugh Durant, a British designer she previously worked with in 2003.

Breaking the news to fans on Thursday (13Mar14), she tweets, "THE SHOW LOOKS INSANE... Dancers Costumes R (sic) GORGEOUS .... I ON THE OTHER HAND HAVE A PROBLEM... WAS PUTTING OFF Telling you Something That Has BROKEN MY HEART... THE MAN WHO MADE ALL MY COSTUMES SINCE 1972 DECIDED HE COULDNT (sic) DO MY LAST TOUR...


"I TRIED TO CONVINCE HIM... BUT HE HAD MANY REASONS As 2 (sic) Why He couldn't do it. 2 many obligations Not Enough Time EVEN 2 DO 1 (sic)...


The 67 year old will kick off her Dressed To Kill Tour in Phoenix, Arizona next week (22Mar14).

Mackie, who has dressed the likes of Tina Turner, Liza Minnelli, Carol Burnett, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston, was famous for creating revealing sequinned and feathered outfits for Cher, including the barely-there black ensemble she wore to the Academy Awards in 1988, when she won the Best Actress honour for Moonstruck.

3/14/14 | Source: StarPulse

Cher, 'I Walk Alone' (Tracy Young Remix): Exclusive Song Premiere

By Keith Caulfield

Listen to the Ferosh Reconstruction of Cher's "Closer to the Truth" jam.

Cher's heading back to the club with her latest single, "I Walk Alone," and Billboard has the premiere of its first official remix, by superstar DJ Tracy Young. Listen here.

Young's Ferosh Reconstruction remix is a thumping transformation of the original cut, which is co-written by P!nk. This redux, along with further mixes by other producers, will be serviced to dance clubs and DJs early next week.

The remix's premiere comes shortly before the launch of Cher's Dressed to Kill concert tour, which starts on March 22 in Phoenix. The trek will be her first since the successful Farewell Tour, which circled the globe from 2002 through 2005.

"I Walk Alone" is the third club single from Cher's "Closer to the Truth" album, following the No. 1 Dance Club Songs chart hit "Woman's World" and the No. 2 single "Take It Like a Man." ("Closer to the Truth," in fact, gets its name from a lyric in "I Walk Alone.")

Young -- who has provided official remixes for everyone from Madonna to Britney Spears -- also remixed Cher's "Woman's World."

"I was instantly excited to start this project for three reasons," Young tells Billboard. "One, stating the obvious, working with Cher again. Secondly, I relate to this song lyrically because it echoes where I am at this moment in my life. Lastly, it was so refreshing because I felt this song is in a perfect tempo and it's also one of my favorites on the album."

While "I Walk Alone" is Cher's newest single for clubs, she continues to scale Billboard's Adult Contemporary airplay chart with the ballad "I Hope You Find It," another track from "Closer to the Truth." The song rises 24-20 on the March 22-dated Adult Contemporary chart -- her highest-charting solo AC hit since "Song for the Lonely" reached No. 11 in 2002.

3/14/14 | Source: Billboard

Cher doesn't just like running with a younger crowd — she likes outrunning them

By Martin Sompter

I am waiting in Malibu, in an over-stuffed flamboyant house: lots of velvet, gold leaf, plumped pillows, chandeliers. It could be Cher’s house but it is in fact the house of a rich Russian person who has rented it out for my interview. Cher lives eight miles away in another Malibu house and in her own gothic glory.

Cher, her manager, her make-up artist and her photographer get lost in those eight miles and arrive a little late. The photographer has been hired to take my picture with Cher. It wasn’t something I asked for, but Cher thought that I might like it.

She arrives with a green drink in her hand, giant hazel eyes sparkling as much as her giant treble-diamond ring. She is wearing a black tailcoat, white waistcoat, foamy chiffony shirt, dark jeans, thick boots. Rock chick clothes. Oddly she pulls it off. Her best features are her hair and her eyes, which are so mesmerizing you forget to look to see if the skin on her face has been pulled and tightened.

What everyone really wants to know about Cher is how did Cher — gay icon, gothic rocker, activist, former hippie chick, disco diva, Oscar-winning actress, daytime vamp, and the woman who launched a thousand drag queens — really feel when her daughter Chastity first came out as a lesbian and then underwent sex-change therapy to become a man.

And I wonder just how I’m going to ask her about this.

Cher is so slinky and feminine. She loves men, manicures and sequins. I look at her white fingernails, the pointed tips painted black, her ultra-pouty pink lips and feathery-mascaraed eyes, her long dark glossy curls. There’s something almost doll-like about her.

I stare at all of this and wonder, “How could Cher, the most girlie of girls, cope with having a daughter who wanted to be a son?” How could she have imagined that the gold-ringleted little girl who appeared with her parents on the The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour in the ’70s would grow up to be burly, bearded and hairy-backed Chaz.

I stumble over the pronouns. “She” and “he” get mixed up in my mouth. Cher gives me a look of empathy for my embarrassment. “Don’t worry,” she says encouragingly. “I screw up the pronouns all the time.” She flashes a Mona Lisa smile that reminds me of her Oscar-winning role in Moonstruck.

“I didn’t have a hard time in the beginning, because when Chaz came to see me and told me, ‘This is what I want to do,’ I said, ‘Well, if you’re miserable, then you’ve got to do it.’ But then as it was starting to happen, you know, it’s a strange change for a mother to go through.”

Cher says that when Chaz began his transformation, she was afraid to see him in case she didn’t recognize him. She asked if he would save his old answering-machine recording because it preserved his voice as it was before daily injections of testosterone had lowered it.

Chaz had his breasts cut off and fat redistributed in a thickset, mannish sort of way. He talks at transgender conferences and provides counseling for other female-to-male transgendered people.

In the sense that Chaz is a pioneer, he’s very much like his mother.
“When I’m talking about Chaz in the old days, it’s very difficult (to get the pronouns right),” Cher explains. “If I’m talking about something that’s happened with Chaz when we were in Aspen and when Chaz was little, he was she. But things that happen from now, or from a little while ago, Chaz is he.”

Did she have a sense of loss and mourning for her daughter?

“It was difficult, but now I don’t think about it so much. We talked about it on and off for years. He would talk about doing it and then he would go off it. And then finally, he did it. It’s a huge decision and not something you make lightly. But it’s turned out well.

“For the people who don’t understand it, I try to help them understand it by saying, ‘You know, I just love being a woman so much, but if I woke up tomorrow and I was a man, I couldn’t function. And that is the only way to describe it to someone who doesn’t understand. I know that if by some miraculous something I woke up as a man, I would hate it so much I can’t tell you.

“You know, your children go their own way, and I think it took so much courage. “I don’t think I would have had that much courage. But he was so miserable in that body and now he is happy. Totally happy.”


What’s impressive is that Cher is old school. When you ask her a question, she answers it unflinchingly. She doesn’t even try to plug her new record. She is not like some newbie pop star who only wants to talk about her music.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to be modern. She has come up with a record that is relevant — tracks produced by Paul Oakenfold and a song with Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters and songs written by Pink.

At 67, she still has the stamina to tour. On March 22, she begins her worldwide Dressed to Kill Tour, which includes an appearance at the BMO Harris Bradley Center with Cyndi Lauper in Milwaukee on June 6.

In her tiny, sequined outfits, she must feel as if she’s literally turning back time. At the end of her hot and throbby performances during her 2008–2011 residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, she always said, “Top that, you bitches.”

She doesn’t just like running with a younger crowd, she likes outrunning them.

“You know we were working out this morning, my teacher and a couple of friends, and I said, ‘Give me a break, I’m older than everybody here,’ but the teacher said, ‘You’re full of shit, you’re 30. You work out better than my 30-year-olds.’ So in some ways I forget how old I am, and in some ways I don’t.”

Cher’s age is indeed a conundrum. I’m not sure what 67 looks like, but it doesn’t look like Cher — and it doesn’t act like her either. Sure, she might have had a little help with her face. She admits to a nose job and a breast reduction. She denies the constant rumor that she had one of her ribs removed. She says that her good friends are often the teenage and 20-something children of her friends.

One of her young friends was Lady Gaga, who’s also appearing in Milwaukee in June. There was going to be a collaboration with Gaga’s prolific producer RedOne — a track called “The Greatest Thing.” RedOne thought instead of the original plan of having Cher sing it, it would make a great duet. In the end, however, Gaga was disappointed with the result and vetoed the release. When someone leaked a version of “The Greatest Thing,” Cher was all over Twitter expressing her anger at the unfinished version’s appearance.

Cher is an epic tweeter. I’m surprised she could take time off from her tweeting to talk to me. She tweets whatever comes into her head.

Her tweets to 1.7 million followers are uncensored and contain lots of swear words. In her tweets, Cher is forthright, funny and likes to complain about Madonna.

Her new album Closer to the Truth will be her first in 11 years. “I am not a Cher fan, she says. “I don’t listen to the records I’ve made for fun. This one I’m surprised by.”

Has she now become a Cher fan?

“No, no, no, let’s not go that far. It’s just my voice is very distinctive, and it’s not a voice that’s appealing to me. And on this record there are a couple of songs, ‘Sirens’ and ‘My Love,’ that I sing in a different way, a kind of straight way, no vibrato.”

Indeed, those songs do not sound like Cher. The voice is high and melodic.


Recently Cher made a documentary — Dear Mom, Love Cher — about her mother. Georgia Holt looks tall and strong and at least 20 years younger than her 87 years. She also sings and sounds exactly like Cher. Her mother was six times married and says, “Don’t pay attention to age and it won’t pay attention to you.” Her mother is part Cherokee, hence the high, age-defying cheekbones.

“I had two grandmothers, one died at 87, the other at 97. And I said to the 97-year–old, ‘Nana, how old do you feel?’ And she said, ‘Darling, I look in the mirror and wonder who that old lady is because I feel so young.’ And that’s sometimes how I feel. I forget that I’m older.”

Does she feel that in her business becoming old is the same as becoming extinct? “No, there’s just not the access to older per- formers that there is to younger performers, especially women, because it’s a young person’s art,” she says. “More than any other time in history, the people who came up in my time are now having a hard time. We don’t want to stop singing. The Stones don’t want to stop, and I don’t want to. But it’s hard. You try to find your niche and stay relevant in your music and you keep going. I hoped there wouldn’t be a prejudice because I was a certain age, and people wouldn’t even give the record a listen.”

Is that why it took so long to get the record out?

“No,” she answers. “In those 11 years I wasn’t thinking about it. Honestly. I just forgot. I forgot to make a record. I was on the road, I was in Vegas. I did the movie Burlesque. I had some vacation and I didn’t really have a contract for a while, I was in limbo, so I went on the road and didn’t think about it.”

She performed a lot of shows.

“That was very stressful,” she says. “On the last day I wanted to kill myself. I cried and cried and cried. We were at the Hollywood Bowl, and I spent the night on the tour bus. I’d never done that before. It was so weird that suddenly I just didn’t want to stop. The only thing that is stressful about being on the road is the road. The shows themselves are fabulous. I love that part. I just don’t like the road, the isolation of the road.

It’s hard, because I can’t go many places. We might buy out a movie theater or miniature golf course or paint china or go bowling. The only way we’d do those things is if we buy them out and no one else is there. We want to be where there’s no people with iPhones. I remember going to the movies thinking, ‘Why is everybody texting and emailing,’ and then I realized they weren’t. They were taking photos of me. So it’s hard for me to go about in a normal way. I love having freedom. In the old days the paparazzi were polite. They would say, ‘Can we take a picture?’ They wouldn’t ambush you and be aggressive.”


It must be tough being Cher. It must be even tougher being Cher’s boyfriend. Traditionally Cher has dated men who are younger than she is, but not always less gothic-looking. There’s been Val Kilmer, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Bon Jovi Richie Sambora, and biker Tim Medvetz.

“I’ve also had some amazing boyfriends and some really famous ones but it takes a certain kind of man to be able to put up with (my fame). It certainly puts a strain on them.”

Does she have a boyfriend now?

“Well, actually, no. I just broke up with someone,” she says. “Or let me rephrase that. It went to a certain place and I couldn’t see me putting any more time into it so it wasn’t really a break-up. I think relation- ships have to go in stages and we just couldn’t go to the next stage. We are really good friends but there was no impetus to keep going. Love feels to me like unbelievable fun, and if it’s not unbelievable fun you stop it.

“I am a serial monogamist. My relation- ships seem to go for two-and-a-half years, maybe three, and then that’s it.”

Cher was married to Gregg Allman, from The Allman Brothers, from 1975 to 1979, but her longest relationship was with Sonny Bono. They met in 1963 and didn’t divorce until 1975. He died in a freak skiing accident in January 1998, at the age of 62. Meeting him, loving him and losing him were the most important things that happened to Cher.

“It’s like when people say losing a parent is a huge defining moment,” she says. “It was like that. Even though we weren’t that close at that point, in so far as we weren’t seeing each other very often, but it was a huge, huge loss.

“He was a mentor. He got me a job back- ground singing and he always believed in me and wanted me to be a solo artist, and I didn’t really want to and then we became famous together. I had so many milestones with him that would never have happened without him. I wouldn’t have done any of that. I had the energy but I was so scattered. He was the person who focused it all.”

3/8/14 | Source: Wisconsin Gazette

Cher Adds Cyndi Lauper to Her Dressed to Kill Tour

Cher Lauper

Cher is bringing along a very special guest on her Dressed to Kill tour, Cyndi Lauper.

Cher Dressed To KillThe announcement was made late Wednesday night in a phone call to Andy Cohen on his Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live followed by a tweet from the star saying "I’m SO THRILLED 2 Be Working With CYNDI Again….She’s an INCREDIBLE ARTIST…&&..SHE’S ADORABLE."

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo will be opening for Cher for the first thirteen dates of the tour, from March 22 in Phoenix through April 12 in Detroit. Lauper will take over on April 23 in Buffalo and stay with the tour through the final date of July 11 in San Diego.

This isn't the first time that Cher and Lauper have toured together. Cyndi opened over one hundred dates during Cher's Believe and Farewell Tours.

1/30/14 | Source: VVN Music

Cher steals the show on week 8 of 'Dancing With the Stars'


By Ray Kelly

It was a Cher-abration Monday night on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."

The veteran pop star was not only a season 17 guest judge on "DWTS," she also opened the show with a rendition of her 1998 dance hit "Believe," and contestants performed routines throughout the night to various Cher songs.

There was a Viennese waltz set to "I Got You Babe," a jazz dance against "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" and a tango performed to "The Beat Goes On."

The two-hour broadcast also included a dance-off with disco, rumba and cha-cha dancing set to more Cher tunes.

In the end, judges' scores and viewer votes added up the elimination of "Pretty Little Liars" actor Brant Daugherty.

Daughtery said he had learned a lot during the past eight weeks on "DWTS." "I am very grateful for the opportunity," he said.

Daughtery joins "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, singer Christina Milian, "Rhoda" star Valerie Harper, Bill Nye the Science Guy and NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson – all of whom were eliminated in recent weeks.

The remaining season 17 contestants are Riley, "High School Musical" star Corbin Bleu, comic Bill Engvall, actress Leah Remini, Elizabeth Berkley of "Saved By the Bell," and Jack Osbourne of "The Osbournes."

11/4/13 | Source: MassLive

Cher Returns To Live Stage With Dressed To Kill Tour

Nine years after concluding her $250 million-grossing ‘Farewell Tour,’ one of pop’s most enduring divas will return to the live stage following the release of Cher tickets for 49 dates across North America.

Scheduled to promote her recent 26th studio album, Closer To The Truth, the 67-year-old will kick off the ‘Dressed To Kill’ tour at Phoenix’s U.S. Airways Center on March 22 2014 (TiqIQ get-in price $84/average price $293) and will then take in the likes of Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on April 7 ($135/$361), Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 25 ($113/$231) and Seattle’s KeyArena on June 28 ($71/$203) before wrapping up at San Diego’s Valley View Casino Center on July 11 ($103/$217).

With an overall tour average price of $248, there are still thousands of Cher tickets available to buy on TiqIQ for most shows with the Jul 5 gig at Ontario’s Citizens Business Bank Arena currently the lowest get-in price at $65 (average price $277) and the Jun 2concert at Louisville’s KFC Yum! Center the cheapest average price at $169 (get-in price $84).

Following her twelve-year studio hiatus, the Oscar, Grammy and Emmy winner will inevitably be keen to showcase the standouts from her long-awaited comeback album - whose No.3 placing on the Billboard charts is impressively the highest of her solo career - including lead single “Woman’s World” and the Pink-penned “I Walk Alone.”

But the 5.5 million fans who bought Cher tickets for her previous mammoth 326-date three-year world tour will already know that the music legend isn’t afraid to play all the hits. So expect to hear everything from her run of 70s number ones (“Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves,” “Dark Lady,” “Half-Breed”), her string of 80s rock staples (“I Found Someone,” “If I Could Turn Back Time”) and her triumphant late 90s dance-pop anthem “Believe” alongside her much-loved covers of “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)” and “Walking In Memphis” and the odd Sonny & Cher classic.

10/10/13 | Source: TiqIQ

Cher Is Totally Age Defying On 'Vivement Dimanche'

Cher on Vivement DimancheProving again that 67 can look oh-so-good, Cher took the stage while appearing on the "Vivement Dimanche" show in Paris Wednesday. The music legend wore an edgy ensemble consisting of a tight leather skirt, black motorcycle boots and fishnet stockings as she chatted with host Michel Drucker -- and blew our minds with her youthful appearance.

Cher released her first album in 12 years, "Closer to the Truth," on Sept. 24. On the cover, the "Believe" singer also appears years younger, sporting luscious blond locks and a skimpy neglige. "I think this is the best album I've ever done. The songs are so brilliant. I got so lucky," Cher said about her latest release.

Cher on Vivement Dimanche

10/10/13 | Source: Huffington Post

Cher 'sounds off' for autism


Cher is raising money for autism research and advocacy and she's urging her fans to get involved.

Cher is selling custom recorded messages to raise money for autism.

The legendary singer has teamed up with organisers of the Sound Off for Autism Speaks campaign.

Participating celebrities are able to record and sell specially recorded messages for the price of $299, all proceeds of which are donated to autism research and advocacy.

Cher posted a link to the fundraising website on Twitter, encouraging fans to help out.

"Want me to record a custom message for you? I'm participating in Sound Off For Autism Speaks - it's time... #SoundOff4AS," she wrote.

Other celebrities involved with the cause include Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Zachary Quinto and Adam West.

It's also not the only cause Cher has involved herself with. After making the 1985 movie Mask, the music icon became the national chairperson and honorary spokesperson for the Children's Craniofacial Association. Having held that title since 1990, she's very generous in donating tickets and passes for children suffering from facial deformities.

The singer is also the face of the Cher Charitable Foundation, through which she's donated her time and money to various charities.

The 67-year-old pop star, who is currently preparing for her Dressed to Kill tour, is a prolific Twitter user, often sharing her many opinions on the social networking site.

While she enjoys tweeting with her fans, Cher recently admitted she believes online rivalries can go too far.

"I don't like it when all the Little Monsters [Lady Gaga fans] come down on me, I think young artists don't realise that you have to support one another and there's no room for b***hing," Cher recently told UK newspaper the Telegraph.

"Women stand together and so do artists. You might fight if you don't like someone but you still have to support them."

10/8/13 | Source: TV3.ie

Blake Shelton & Cher Gel on 'The Voice'


Cher joined Team Blake for The Voice's fifth season, and the two singers spoke first to ET's Rob Marciano about their chemistry.

In between fits of laughter, Cher and Blake Shelton told Rob that they've been on the same accord with most of the contestants that they've seen and became friends rather quickly. In fact, they've been getting along so well that Blake felt she could become a regular on the judges' panel.

"I have no doubt you'd be good at it," said Blake.

When Blake was growing up, his dad was a huge Cher fan. Blake's father has since passed, but not before witnessing his son get introduced by one of his idols at the ACM Awards.

"I'm trying to host the show and my phone's back there buzzing like, 'I'll be damned ... You've made it now. Cher said your name,'" said Blake who called those text messages the most excitement he'd ever seen from his father.

While Blake shared the same stage with Cher, could a duet between them be in the works?

"I can do that!" said Cher. "You just heard what a great country singer I am."

Closer to the Truth, Cher's 26th solo album and her first major music project in 12 years, features two country numbers.

"If [those two songs] are any indication, it's going to be a phenomenal album," said Blake.

Closer to the Truth is available now. The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.


10/8/13 | Source: Entertainment Tonight News

Cher Earns Highest-Charting Solo Album Ever on Billboard 200

By Keith Caulfield

"Believe" it: Cher has earned her highest-charting solo album ever on the Billboard 200.

The diva's new studio album, "Closer to the Truth," also logs her highest debut ever (solo or otherwise) with its arrival at No. 3. It sold 63,000 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The Warner Bros. Records effort is her first album since 2002's "Living Proof."

Until this week, Cher had never gone higher than No. 4 with her solo albums -- reaching that peak with both "Believe" in 1999 and "The Very Best of Cher" in 2003. As half of Sonny & Cher, she only went higher once -- with 1965's No. 2-peaking "Look at Us." The album -- which contained the No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 single "I Got You Babe" -- was stuck in the runner-up slot for eight weeks behind the Beatles' "Help!"

During the new album's release week, Cher played NBC's "Today" show (Sept. 23) and "The Late Show With David Letterman" (Sept. 24). On the latter program, she was the only guest for the evening and also performed the album's second single, "I Hope You Find It."

"Closer to the Truth" was led by the single "Woman's World," which became Cher's eighth No. 1 on the Dance Club/Play Songs chart in August.

10/3/13 | Source: Billboard

Cher And Ellie Goulding Confirmed For The X Factor

The two will perform on the first live show.

While we won't know who the 12 X Factor finalists are until this weekend, it has been confirmed that the two acts performing in the first live results show will be Cher and Ellie Goulding.

The two singers will perform on the ITV show on 13th October, shortly before the first contestant is eliminated.

Cher's performance comes the day before her new album Closer to the Truth is released in the UK. The album features a cover of Miley Cyrus' song 'I Hope You Find It'.

Ellie Goulding, meanwhile, recently scored her first number one single with 'Burn', which is taken from her second album Halcyon Days.

10/3/13 | Source: Entertainmentwise

Cher Performs “I Hope You Find It” On
‘Live With Kelly & Michael’: Watch

By: Sam Lansky

Think Miley Cyrus can’t stop? Try putting a damper on the indomitable spirit of Cher, in her sixth decade of releasing great pop music. Her latest single, “I Hope You Find It,” is taken from her recent LP Closer To The Truth, and the fact that it’s a cover of a Miley song from 2010 doesn’t mean a damn thing when she’s turning out vocals this impressive and still looking that good for a woman of nearly 70. Take that, haters.

There’s also a lovely clip of Cher getting cozy with superfan Kelly Ripa backstage, where they talk about needlepointing, because obviously.

Watch her performance up top, then see the interview below.

10/1/13 | Source: Idolator

Cher dazzles as usual in new-CD party

By Liz Smith

"I don't have a thing to wear. Don't drive up. I must see you! Love, Cher."

This was the handwritten, personal invite from her to the celebratory party at TAO cafe on West 16th Street last week. It made me laugh because the last two lines are straight from the Bette Davis movie, "The Letter."

Cher is a major, knowledgeable movie maven. Her new CD is titled "Closer to the Truth."

TAO had just finished being decorated only hours before. It looked great, but the new plaster and paint may have given a few contact highs. The place was packed with Cher fans and media. (Cosmo's Sergio Kletnoy, Alicia Quarles of CNN and AP, People magazine, etc.) The invite said seven, but no one expected the star to show up at that hour. Such promptness would be almost indecent!

Cher wasn't really late by "icon" standards. Around eight she "swanned" in, surrounded by a couple of tough guys and her admirable press rep, Liz Rosenberg. (Why any star repped by Liz R. needs anyone or anything more formidable than this whimsically glamorous protectress, I've no idea!)

Cher was wearing something black and glittery.

She appeared inside a tiny roped-off VIP area, but as soon as she began talking about the wonders of her new album, which has several marvelous ballads, the star was pulled from my grip. "She'll be back in a second, but has to do her stuff up front!"

Well, Cher did her stuff, which was in keeping with her longtime aura, and was fairly prosaic. Then — whoosh! Out the door! I enjoyed a few rare moments of aloneness after many civilized sit-downs with her, so one couldn't begrudge her moving on.

Cher and Liz Rosenberg have been working like Trojans (or Spartans) getting the word out on the new CD. On this one, the Oscar winner displays not only her booming, unchanged voice, but she has the aforementioned ballads that should put fans on the floor.

It's always nice when a real artist lets you in on their inner-tender thoughts, reminding one that "Oh, she can really sing!" Cher looked fresh and adorable in a wavy just-touching-her-shoulders hairstyle. I know you're all saying, "It's a wig!" But it seemed real to me.

All in all, a typical icon's night out in NYC. Cher is the one and only, and she turned up and turned the place upside down.

9/30/13 | Source: Worcester Telegram

Cher’s NYC Clubbing Adventure Leads the Week in Celebrity Tweets


Cher Clubbing

Leave it to the one and only Cher to recap her amazing evenings in 140 characters or less.

This week, the 67-year-old took to Twitter to share a photo of herself after a night out.

“Me Clubbing In The Big apple!” Cher wrote. “Got up 4:30 a.m, finished 10 pm! On way Home! I must start acting My age !”

9/27/13 | Source: Celebuzz

Cher: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Cher's first new album in 12 years, Closer to the Truth, is out now! Here, the pop icon gets personal with Us -- and shares 25 tidbits that might surprise even her biggest fans.

1. Stephen Hawking invited me to lunch one day, and we got into a heated discussion with his students about history vs. math. Stephen said, "Cher, when time travel is perfected, history will be obsolete."

2. Meryl Streep and I saved a girl from a large mugger in New York City.

3. The day I moved out of my home in Holmby Hills, I found a room I never knew existed.

4. There was a time I couldn't afford to pay my gardener for six months.

5. Jack Nicholson helped me through a panic attack just before the famous lunch scene in The Witches of Eastwick. I also have a painting Jack did for me. It's one of my most treasured birthday gifts.

6. I have a collection of elephants.

7. I once crashed in a small plane during a snowstorm.

8. I think David Letterman is in love with me.

9. Someday, I want to build a Balinese-style home.

10. I had two imaginary friends when I was little. They were both lumberjacks.

11. I love to play Wii tennis. I'm also a big football fan. Deacon Jones of the then-L.A. Rams taught me all I know about the game.

12. I am passionate about palm trees. They make me deliriously happy.

13. My mother still tells me what to do and I still don't listen.

14. One time, I threw a dart at a map to decide where I would vacation.

15. I am famous among my friends for my chicken Bolognese. I even use my own Diva Pasta labels when I give out jars for Christmas.

16. I have watched the 1958 film Auntie Mame, with Rosalind Russell, at least 100 times. I would love to play that part in a remake.

17. My cat is named Mr. Big. I first found him underneath one of my tour trucks in Detroit.

18. I love to bead! I make 5-inch-long beaded earrings for all of my friends.

19. My first car was an old red MG convertible.

20. Andy Warhol once showed up uninvited at one of my house parties. Best crasher I ever had.

21. I wear Malibu Cowboy boots (like Uggs, only cooler) whether it's summer, winter, spring or fall.

22. I have driven a taxi through New York City at 4 A.M.

23. I love to read and have taught several young people to read. One of my favorite books is God Against the Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism by Jonathan Kirsch.

24. I once cried when I lost $100.

25. The night I won my Oscar, you could have spotted me running down the street toward the Shrine Auditorium with my dress sky-high. I was late again, of course!

9/26/13 | Source: US Weekly

Cher on 'Closer to the Truth': 'This is the best work I've done'

By: Justin Harp

Cher has said she is very proud of her new album Closer to the Truth.

The 'Woman's World' singer told USA Today that her new record has come closer than all of her previous work to fulfilling her artistic vision.

Cher Press Shot 2013

"I'm just so not a Cher fan, but I like these songs," Cher explained.

She continued: "In my life, there are songs I've done that I really love, that I don't think I ruined, like 'You Haven't Seen the Last of Me,' 'Song for the Lonely' or 'Believe'. But there's only a handful.

"The early ones I don't like at all. My voice was so strange and different. This is as good as I'm ever going to do."

Cher also discussed her excitement that Pink wrote the songs 'Lie to Me' and 'I Walk Alone' for Closer to the Truth.

"I'm a gigantic fan," she said. "She's a real girl who has problems, is soft, is hard. She's a kick-ass girl who follows after me."

Closer to the Truth recently became available for streaming, ahead of its actual release.

9/25/13 | Source: Digital Spy

Cher walks into 'Late Show' blond, comes out brunette

By: Arienne Thompson

The pop icon pulls off a head-turning switcheroo!

Blonde Cher  Brunette Cher - Letterman

No, you're not seeing things.

Yes, that's Cher with two completely different hair colors on the same day.

The pop icon posed for photographers on the sidewalk Tuesday afternoon, a tradition almost all Late Show With David Letterman guests do, before going into the studio to prepare for the show. She sported full bond locks and a bold black and gold ensemble for the photo opp.

Once inside, however, Cher did away with her light locks, transforming (we assume through the power/magic of wiggery) into a brunette. The photo below shows her out on the sidewalk again, but with a completely new look.

And that, friends, is how the pop stars do it.

9/25/13 | Source: USA Today

Cher releases lyric video for new single, "I Hope You Find It"

9/24/13 | Source: YouTube

Cher Q&A: On her new tour, 'sloppy' Miley, and leather jackets

By: Denise Quan

Cher Moonstruck Screening

(CNN) -- Cher sits in a director's chair in one of the many rooms of her "Architectural Digest"-worthy home, perched high above a prime stretch of Malibu beach. She's talking about her infamous "Farewell Tour," an extended global trek that ran from 2002 to 2005, and was supposed to be her swan song as a touring artist.

"I never should have called it that, but it seemed like it at the time," she tells CNN. "It was like the tour that would not quit. I won't do that again."

A few feet away, members of her entourage burst into laughter.

Exactly one week later, the 67-year-old entertainer announced her "Dressed to Kill" tour which kicks off in Phoenix next March. According to Monday's press release, Cher is scheduled to headline arenas in 49 North American cities -- but who knows? The lure of her adoring fans may be too hard to resist once she's packed her G-strings.

In the meantime, she is out promoting her first album in 12 years, "Closer to the Truth." CNN's Denise Quan sat down with the outspoken Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winner about her own truth, and as usual, the star didn't disappoint with her candor.

CNN: You seem to always speak the truth. Is that accurate?

Cher: I'm not so sure that's the truth. Sometimes I don't tell the truth, which is telling the truth about not telling the truth. I think people don't tell the truth when they're afraid that something bad's going to happen if they tell the truth. But I got to be this age, and I'm doing this, and what's somebody going to do to me, really? I say things all the time that I could really get into trouble for, but they kind of blow over.

CNN: You have to admire women who have the courage to put it out there.

Cher: When I grew up, it was a time when women were just supposed to be cute and not have many opinions. My mother and her friends were quite different. They were all the most beautiful women you've ever seen ... and they were very strong women.

When I was with Sonny -- when I met him, I was 16, so it didn't bother me until I was 20-something -- it started to chafe at me. I really wanted to do what I wanted to do, say what I wanted to say. I didn't want to be shackled to somebody else's opinion, and Sonny was very much, "My opinion is your opinion." So when I decided to leave him, I just thought, "I have to get back to myself. I have to decide who I am, and just be who I am."

I have to tell you something. It doesn't always turn out. It's not always a happy ending when sometimes you say things that you think, and it goes against the grain of the larger group.

CNN: You recently turned down a chance to perform at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, in protest of the Russian government's stance on gay rights.

Cher: Well, first of all, it was back channels. But it was to be an American ambassador, to sing or to do something in the opening. I have a lot of great friends in Russia -- wonderful people, people I really love -- and I have great fans there, too.

The Olympics are the Olympics, so it wasn't something that I'd think, "Ah, that's sad." But you can't. You just can't. If I were an athlete, I'd think long and hard, because you spend your whole life preparing for the whole moment, and then your life is nothing. Your dream is nothing. So I couldn't fault an athlete. But mine was just, "It would have been fun." You just can't do it. It's not possible.

CNN: Do you think gay rights have taken a backwards turn in some parts of the world?

Cher: I think maybe gay marriage has scared some part of the world. I've seen many countries where it's punishable by death. How can people be so afraid of something that's really not going to involve them? I just don't get it.

My mother had gay friends. It's something I was around my whole life. Also, my best fan base is gay guys that have never gone (away). They've always been there. All I can hope is that the people that I know in Russia, that there are more people like that.

I never felt that when I was there. We had gay guys with us in my show, and it was like, no problem. So I hope this is just a bad period in their history, and it'll blow over. Look, when I was young, it was against the law. It's amazing how far we've come in that amount of time.

CNN: You really pushed boundaries in 1989 with your music video, "If I Could Turn Back Time."

Cher: It seems like nothing now, but the first one to push is the first one to push. So yeah, I got a lot of flack for that. It doesn't make any difference. It's a great video, and it kind of stands the test of time. But when you're pushing against the people, they either have more judgment, or they don't see the humor in it. Some people got really unhappy, and that's why they pulled the video after it had already been on for weeks and weeks. Then they started playing it late at night.

I think there are probably some things that kids shouldn't see. I don't think that was one of them. If you look at it in comparison to what's happening today, it's nothing.

CNN: What did you think of Miley Cyrus' performance on the VMAs?

Cher: You have to give her credit for trying something, for trying to stretch the boundaries. I didn't like it because I didn't think it was very good. If she had come out naked, and done that and pulled it off, I would have said, "You stretched it. You pulled it off. It was great." But I didn't love it as an art form. I thought it was sloppy. I didn't think it was professional enough for her. I think she's got to go back to the drawing board. And yet everybody's talking about it.

I certainly don't think she deserved all the flak that she got for it. It was just one performance at the VMAs. Who cares?

CNN: It's hard to believe you're 67.

Cher: I know! It's terrible. I hate that number. I don't like any of them. I thought I was 10 years younger, and I was upset. But you know, my mom has this saying -- and I'm not sure I agree with her -- but she said, "If you don't pay attention to age, then it won't pay attention to you." And she says it, and it sounds nice, but I don't buy it.

CNN: Are skimpy costumes still part of your stage show?

Cher: Well, not always, but will be as long as I can do it. My friends and I were talking the other day, and we were looking at what we were wearing and it's the same things that we've been wearing since we were in our 20s. And I remember thinking, "When will I have to stop wearing jeans, or when will I have to cut my hair?" All those things, but it doesn't seem like it.
I'm going to die wearing the same things that I love wearing. I'm going to wear my jeans. I'm going to wear wifebeaters. I'm going to wear my leather jacket. I don't care. As long as I can look good in it, and feel comfortable in it, then I'm going to do it.

CNN: Are we going to see a "Farewell Tour 2?"

Cher: Yes, absolutely! I shouldn't have called it that, but it seemed like it was at the time. It was like the tour that would not quit. It was crazy long. I won't do that again. The reason I'm doing this is mainly because I know I really will never do it again because I don't have the energy. It takes so much energy to be on the road I know I have finite energy, and I can probably squeak by this time, but I did the longest tour ever by a woman, and I don't think there were 20-year-olds who could handle that. Three-and-a-half years is a really long time. So we'll see. But if I don't do it now, I won't do it.

I'm not like when Tina (Turner) came back and did a tour at 70. That's not going to be me. She's got a great life force.

At some point, you have to give up your career -- unless you're Tony Bennett or Betty White. I still can do it now, so I should.

CNN: I think you'll still be out there at 90, rocking a G-string.

Cher: You think so?

CNN: Yeah.

Cher: I don't.

9/24/13 | Source: CNN

Cher, David Letterman together again

By: Verne Gay

Cher and David Letterman go way back -- nearly 30 years. She's been on "Late Night" and "Late Show" numerous times, although -- famously/infamously -- during their first encounter, she called him something. She is back again tonight.

Clearly, Dave cares for Cher, and I almost think Cher cares for Dave. View the segment below.

(There have been at least a dozen other appearances over the years, including with Sonny.) Cher's a busy lady: She's got a new album and she's a mentor on "The Voice" this season.

9/24/13 | Source: Newsday

Cher looks stunning for 'Today' show performance,
reveals new tour to promote 26th album


The legendary diva performs in front of a live New York City audience Monday despite having laryngitis over the weekend.

Cher Today Show

Singer Cher rides to the NBC set on a police motorcycle Monday in New York.

With 26 studio albums under her belt, there's plenty of music to Cher.
The legendary rock diva took to the stage at the "Today" show Monday to promote her new album "Closer to the Truth."

The truth is that at 67 years old, Cher looked amazing as she sang her song "Woman's World," making this her second performance since her Farewell Tour ended in 2005. She made her official return to the stage June 18 on the season finale of "The Voice."

The Grammy Award-winner admitted she isn't a morning person, so when "Today" co-host Savannah Guthrie asked how she was feeling when the alarm went off Monday morning, Cher replied, "How can I get out of here?

Cher Today Show Performance
Looking stunning in black, Cher smiles during her performance Monday.

She then turned the question back on Guthrie.

"I thought, 'She does this all the time?' What kind of a social life do you have?"

Matt Lauer continued the conversation by pointing out Cher's Twitter admission that she was suffering from laryngitis over the weekend.

"My voice … well … it's like jumping out of a plane in a parachute your mom packed!!" she tweeted Sunday. "You just pray it opens."

Despite her concerns, Cher performed in front of screaming fans who undoubtedly adore her and were excited when she announced she'll soon be heading back out on the road for her "Dressed to Kill" tour.

Cher Today Show 2013Kicking off on March 22, 2014, in Phoenix, Cher will wrap her 49-city North American tour on July 11 in San Diego.

For her last tour, she performed a record-breaking 325 dates for 5.5 million fans.

While she loves performing in venues around the country, she explained on "Today" how touring is difficult.

"I understand why guys in bands tear up hotel rooms because it's a very lonely place," she said. "The only time you have fun is at the concert."

The "Believe" singer looked like she was having a lot of fun performing live Monday in New York City. However, it didn't take long before she was ready to get some shut eye.

"Wow!! I just woke up in the same clothes I was wearing this morning on TV," she tweeted Monday. "What's worse, I fell asleep in 37 pounds of makeup!"

9/23/13 | Source: NY Daily News

Cher's Dressed to Kill tour starts March 22 in Phoenix

By: Edna Gundersen

The tour follows the release of "Closer to the Truth," out Tuesday.

Her weapons are a distinctive contralto, a deep catalog of hits and sequins. Lots and lots of sequins.

Cher is hitting the road in 2014 with Dressed to Kill, a 49-city North American tour that starts March 22 in Phoenix and wraps up July 11 in San Diego. The trek is being staged to celebrate her new Closer to the Truth album, out Tuesday. The tour is named after one of the new songs on the record.

Cher's last outing, The Farewell Tour, renamed The Never Can Say Goodbye Tour before its long run ended, played a record-breaking 325 dated for 5.5 million fans.

American Express card members can purchase pre-sale tickets from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3. All ticket buyers, pre-sale and general public, will receive a free copy of Closer. For ticket details and tour updates, visit Cher.com.

Dressed to Kill tour dates

March 22 Phoenix, US Airways Center

* March 24 Houston, Toyota Center

* March 26 Dallas, American Airlines Center

March 28 Little Rock, Verizon Arena

March 29 Tulsa, BOK Center

March 31 Nashville, Bridgestone Arena

April 2 Pittsburgh, Consol Energy Center

*April 4 Washington DC, Verizon Center

April 5 Uncasville, Conn., Mohegan Sun

April 7 Toronto, Air Canada Centre

April 9 Boston, TD Garden

April 11 Indianapolis, Bankers Life Fieldhouse

April 12 Detroit, Joe Louis Arena

April 23 Buffalo, First Niagara Center

April 25 Montreal, Bell Center

April 26 Ottawa, Canada Tire Centre

* April 28 Philadelphia, Wells Fargo Center

April 30 Columbus, Ohio, Nationwide Arena

May 2 Cleveland, Quicken Loans Arena

May 5 Charlotte, N.C., Times Warner Cable Arena

May 7 Raleigh, N.C., PNC Arena

*May 9 Brooklyn, Barclays Center

*May 10 East Rutherford, N.J., Izod Center

*May 12 Atlanta, Philips Arena

May 14 Jacksonville, Fla., Veterans Memorial Arena

May 16 Orlando, Amway Center

May 17 Ft. Lauderdale, BB&T Center

May 25 Las Vegas, MGM Grand

May 28 Denver, Pepsi Center

May 30 Lincoln, Neb., Pinnacle Bank Arena

May 31 Kansas City, Mo., Sprint Center

June 2 Louisville, KFC Yum! Center

June 4 St. Louis, Scottrade Center

June 6 Milwaukee, BMO Harris Bradley Center

June 7 Chicago, Allstate Arena

June 9 Des Moines, Wells Fargo Arena

June 11 Minneapolis, Target Center

June 20 Winnipeg, MTS Centre

June 21 Saskatoon, Credit Union Centre

June 23 Edmonton, Rexall Place

June 25 Calgary, Scotiabank Saddledome

June 27 Vancouver, Rogers Arena

*June 28 Seattle, Key Arena

June 30 Portland, Ore., Moda Center

*July 2 San Jose, SAP Center at San Jose

July 5 Ontario, Citizens Business Bank Arena

*July 7 Los Angeles, Staples Center

*July 9 Anaheim, Honda Center

July 11 San Diego, Valley View Casino Center

*American Express card members can purchase tickets before the general public.

9/23/13 | Source: USA Today

Being Cher

By: Michael Idato

Love, heartbreak, fame, wealth, hits and an Oscar - at 67, Cher has seen and done it all. On the eve of her new album's release, she tells Michael Idato why the simple life is not for her.

Hollywood's most powerful calling card is surely having just one name. They rattle off the tongue: Madonna, Oprah, Cher. An elite of women who sit at the apex of their fields, defined by characteristics they share: they are strong, loud, feisty. Their work is anthemic. Their fame verges on faith.

At the age of 67, and as she gears up to launch her 26th solo studio album, Cher - mother, daughter, sister, singer and activist - is a woman who seems to have a lot on her mind. The first track on her new album, Closer to the Truth, is titled Woman's World. It is, unapologetically, a feminist anthem.

I am who I am and you're not going to get much polish on what I think.

Yet, in 2013, with the disparity between genders still evident around the world and abortion, in politically conservative corners of the world, including the US, still prominent on the political agenda, Cher may be singing it's a woman's world, but it sometimes feels like it's anything but.

"It pisses the f... out of me," Cher says, candidly. "We have been thrown under the bus during this administration. Not by him [US president Barack Obama] but we're just thrown under the bus. This has nothing to do with men, I love men, but until women get paid the same, have control over their bodies, a number of things thought of as equal, then you can't stop."

Compounding the problem, she adds, is disunity. "There should be no bitch fighting," she says. "Women should hang together. But girls don't have that one down. And I think some women maybe don't like the idea."

Cher, born Cherilyn Sarkisian in 1946, is a striking and powerful presence. She walks into her interview with Sunday Life two parts rock chick, one part opinionated lady, with side orders of mother and superstar. She's detailed like a prestige car: painted and polished until she gleams.

And yet there is something in her candour, an unfiltered honesty rare in Hollywood. Celebrities usually come with minders. Today, Cher has just one. And interviews frequently come with conditions. Cher has none. Just that questions about her family be asked with "sensitivity". It doesn't seem like much to ask. Celebrities usually sit at the centre of their maelstrom. Cher's world is unexpectedly calm. She lives in a sprawling estate in the reclusive LA suburb of Malibu. Her home is a palace of hammered travertine and hand-carved marble, with Venetian influences.

Our first topic of conversation: the business of being Cher. "I am just me," she says, frankly. "I don't know what else I would be if I wasn't me. I am not looking from the outside, looking back. I am who I am. [Asking me about being Cher] is like saying, 'How do you feel about being famous?' Well, I've been famous my entire life, I don't know any other way."

Her life, like most superstars who have retained their relevance across decades, has been a series of rebirths and renewals, each better than the last. Her marriage to singer Sonny Bono; a television career as, of all things, a comedian; then a stint on Broadway; a series of critically acclaimed films; and rebirth as a pop icon. She has show business's holy trinity: an Oscar, a Grammy and an Emmy. And you can add to that list two kids: Chastity (now Chaz) Bono and Elijah Blue Allman.

It has been, she says with a somewhat understated air, a busy life. Her new album comes after a 12-year gap since the last. There's no real reason for the delay, she says. "I just forgot to. It's pretty much that simple.
I just didn't think to. I didn't think I would be making another album and if it wasn't for Lindsay [one half of Cher's Australian-born management team, Roger Davies and Lindsay Scott], I don't think I would have. But I am thrilled that I did. I love the songs."

Her 26 albums - including 1965's All I Really Want to Do, 1971's Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves and 1998's Believe - might form a sort of acoustic biography of Cher's life, but she doesn't choose to see them that way. "If you asked me how many records I'd made I wouldn't have the slightest idea," she says, laughing. "Some of the songs I can't even remember and are a surprise to me. It's a volatile kind of thing, art."

The daughter of a truck driver and part-time model and actress, Cher was born in El Centro, California, a tiny, unremarkable town near the Mexican border. Her first burst of fame, if you skip a high school production of Oklahoma! and a somewhat precocious pre-career as a teenaged backing singer, was as one half of Sonny & Cher, a partnership between her and Sonny Bono, whom she met in November 1962. Three years later, their signature song, I Got You Babe, became one of the biggest hits in pop music history.

"I was 16 when I met him, and I just had total hero worship," Cher says now of the relationship. Their TV show, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, was a titanic hit and put Cher on stage alongside stars such as Frankie Avalon, Truman Capote, Merv Griffin, Tina Turner and The Jackson 5.

Their marriage, ultimately, didn't last, though they had a daughter, Chastity, born in 1969. Despite very different political views - Bono was a Republican, and later enjoyed a successful career in politics - Cher says the marriage was a happy one.

"We never discussed any of that stuff," she says. "I am not a Democrat, but I always was a liberal. I felt people needed to be able to do what they wanted to do, as long as they weren't breaking the laws, and some laws were stupid and needed to be changed."

Bono had not encouraged her as an actress, Cher recalls, believing she was better suited to a career as a singer and comedian. "I wanted to do both," she says. "But really, I wanted to be an actress, and Sonny thought it was kind of stupid. He said, 'You know, you're a singer. Let's go there. Let's not do the other.'"?

But a burning ambition to act, coupled with a period in her career where she seemed, musically, to be at a crossroads, forced her hand. "It took such a long time," she says.

"I had friends who were heads of studios who were like, 'Oh Cher, don't be ridiculous.' And then Francis Ford Coppola came to see me, and he said, 'You should be doing movies.' And I broke down in tears and said, 'What do you think I've been trying to do?'?"

Director Robert Altman took a chance and cast her in the Broadway stage production (and later film adaptation of) Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. Impressed with the result, director Mike Nichols offered her the role of Meryl Streep's lesbian housemate Dolly in Silkwood. The role transformed Cher from aspiring actress to Oscar nominee. Later it made her a bona fide movie star. "Bob Altman was brave. And Mike Nichols was brave. They were brave," she says. More recently, she has added producer and director to her bow, with Dear Mom, Love Cher, a documentary about her mother, Georgia Holt. It was an opportunity to explore her own family relationships, including with her sister, Georganne LaPiere, and her children, Chaz and Elijah, her son from her second marriage to singer-songwriter Gregg Allman.

"I think I am a product of my mother's sensibilities and my mother's values," Cher says. "There has been lots of battling and lots of love and it's never an easy road for us. But in the deepest recesses, I do have my mother's values. She was very black and white, there were no shades of grey, and I like that. I am who I am and you're not going to get much polish on what I think."

Equally complex is Cher's relationship with her own children, particularly Chaz, who underwent female-to-male gender transition between 2008 and 2010 and now lives as a transgendered man. "My children are my children," says Cher, simply. "They do exactly what they want and think exactly what they think and run it by me once in a while. They're stubborn and wilful.

"I think Chaz is a real success story, because Chaz is so happy, happier than ever," she says. "And we haven't had such a great relationship since Chaz was little. Chaz and I have had an off-and-on relationship, a mother/daughter relationship, now mother/daughter/son relationship, whatever. Elijah also. We're close, but we butt heads. All of us."

Added up, with the music industry, the fame machine and the marketing trail for a new album on her lap, it's a complicated life. But Cher doesn't yearn for anything different. "What would I do with a simpler life?" she asks, laughing. "That wouldn't be too much fun. I like to create things. There are times when I think, 'oh f...,

I don't want to do this right now, I don't want to go on tour, I'm too tired, I don't want to sing on The Voice, it's too scary.' But you give up a lot and you get a lot. It's enjoyable."

The new album's title, Closer to the Truth, suggests that at 67, Cher is as far along the journey to an answer as she can be. "I hate to disappoint you," she says, laughing. "Sometimes things that look mysterious are not mysterious. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and let you feel the way you feel."

In truth, the title is a line from a song on the album, I Walk Alone, one of two on the album authored by Alecia Moore, best known to her fans as Pink (the other is Lie to Me). The pair share management, and were encouraged to collaborate. "I really love the line, but there was no deeper meaning," explains Cher. "They needed a working title. And I thought, 'It's open to interpretation and I will let everyone interpret it the way they want.'?"

Cher relished the collaboration. "It's great when someone you respect likes what you do with their material," she says. "She sent the two songs across, that she felt would be a good fit for me. And I loved both of them."

For Cher, music remains her first love. Despite her strong political voice, there is no political future, she says. "Can you imagine? I would be fighting with some congressman, and go, 'Go f... yourself, you ass.' I would say what I feel and that wouldn't be good because that's not politics."

She is content, for now, to be Cher: past and/or present mother, lover, wife, artist and performer. "I can't cut them apart because they all form who you are," she says. "Some are more important but they make the pyramid and when you get to the top of the pyramid, you are aware of every single block that went into it, that makes it what it is. That's who I am."

Closer to the Truth is released September 24th in the US.

9/22/13 | Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Cher credits success and longevity to luck

Cher credits her longevity to a simple notion: luck.

"I really believe it's luck," she said in a new sit-down interview with CBS News' Edward Lawrence. "I think it's luck. It doesn't make any sense that it's not. I think you have to be lucky because I do what I do and it's all well and good but it's not rocket science. It's just something. I believe it's 50 percent luck."

That "luck" Cher speaks of continues as she readies her new album, "Closer to the Truth," due Sept. 24. The set marks the singer's 26th solo album and her first since 2002's "Living Proof."

Armed with "great songs," Cher said there's not one track she doesn't like on the album, which features a guest appearance by Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters.

"You get the inspiration from the song," Cher said, who noted that parts of the album have "a lot of effects." But that's apparently nothing new for Cher, who said she was the "first person ever to do auto-tune."

When asked whether she prefers acting or performing music, Cher said, "My passion lies with whatever I'm doing at the time...I only see what is front of me."

Cher's new album is currently streaming for free on Amazon -- go here to listen. And check out the video above for CBS News' interview with Cher.

9/19/13 | Source: CBS News

Cher says 'no-brainer' to refuse Sochi gig over Russian anti-gay law

(Reuters) - Singer Cher said it was a "no-brainer" to turn down a chance to perform at next year's Winter Olympics in Russia because of the country's laws prohibiting gay propaganda.

"It was hard in one way to say 'no,' but in another way, it's a no-brainer," the singer told Reuters this week.

"You can't do it. Your heart doesn't let you go there," added Cher, whose son Chaz Bono has undergone gender transition surgery.

The 67-year-old singer of hits "Dark Lady" and "Believe" said earlier this month that she was offered a chance through a Russian friend to perform at the beginning of February's Winter Games in Sochi.

Cher gained a strong following in the American gay community in the 1960s and 1970s for her vampish stage persona and sexually ambiguous songs.

The Russian law forbids the distribution of information on homosexuality to minors, which critics say is discriminatory, and has sparked international backlash with criticism from the likes of pop star Madonna.

Actor Wentworth Miller and TV host Andy Cohen have declined invitations to the visit the country in protest.

Russia has denied that the law is discriminatory.

(Reporting by Bob Mezan; Writing by Eric Kelsey; Editing by Mohammad Zargham)

9/17/13 | Source: Reuters

Cher finds 'Truth' in new album


Cher Closer to the Truth

MALIBU, Calif. -- Although her first album in a dozen years, Closer to the Truth, won't be released until Sept. 24, its sensual cover, featuring Cher in flowing blonde tresses and a skimpy nightie, is already generating talk--which suits the 67-year-old icon just fine. She recently curled up on a sofa (donning rocker chick gear instead of a negligee) in a rented home nestled high above the shores of Malibu to reflect on her life, her career ... and Betty White.

It's interesting that you, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry all have new CDs being released within weeks of each other, because you all have a similar sense of theatricality and style. Have either of them ever come forward and personally given you props?

I think Gaga has, but I don't know enough about Katy to know if she has, but look -- I set a place for Madonna, Madonna set a place for them. We try to move the bar to have more freedom of expression. That's what it is, being able to express yourself in any way you want to, in any look you want to, because, when I was growing up, when Sonny and I first started, people hated us for the way we looked. We got into lots of trouble. We got thrown out of restaurants and we got beaten up. It was hard to be who you wanted to be and look too different. And we looked really different! I mean, the Beatles still had their little haircuts and their suits but nobody looked like us. I thought we looked fabulous!

Your new album is very strong and you're sounding in remarkably supple voice!

I think I am. And I do like the songs and can actually listen to it and not shudder.

There are a couple of tracks in particular -- You Haven't Seen the Last of Me (from Burlesque) and Sirens -- where you hit some really lovely notes.

And no one's more surprised than I am. People ask me to do things that I've never done before and didn't think I could. And I love songs where you don't know that it's me. I really do. Because I have a distinctive voice and it's no fun to just go, "Oh, that's Cher."

But that's also what people like about your voice -- it's your own.

True, but when we did Believe, I was so excited when the record company said, " 'We don't know it's you right in the beginning,' and I went, 'I know!' "

You were recently quoted as saying you've never been a huge Cher fan. Was that taken out of context?

No, absolutely not. I like to sing but I don't want to hear my speaking voice!


Yeah, I mean, if I'm acting I'm OK, but if I hear it just as something."

But you're OK seeing yourself on screen?

I haven't seen every movie I've made. Like, I've waited a year to two years to see some films, but they're going to be there, so it's not like I have to rush out. I've never really liked looking at pictures of myself. I kind of look at it with a detached eye because I have to finalize them -- and I can look at them in retrospect, like, I was just looking at some pictures in a book and I thought, "Oh, I remember that. That was really fun. God, Bob (Mackie) did a fabulous outfit and, whoa, look at my body. It was hot!"

Whatever you might think of your voice, your singing has never sounded better.

It was pretty bad in the beginning. But I'm happy with it now "¦ I mean, I'm happy with the notes, and my vocal teacher's made a huge difference. It's so freaky because people my age are having to lose notes and I'm gaining notes, so that's pretty shocking.

Maybe you'll be like Tony Bennett.

I like Tony Bennett. Wouldn't that be fabulous? Like Tony Bennett and Betty White. She's the best. She's the most fun person.

And she's got a wicked sense of humour.

Come on! Yes! Totally, totally wicked! And a mouth like a sailor! She's my hero.

What you and Betty White already have in common is that you're both adored. Whenever I mentioned that I was going to be speaking with you, people always said, "I love Cher!"

That's cool. I like that. It's nice to be liked. I mean, there are many artists that you don't really have to like because the art is really great and you can't confuse the art with the artist. I remember we once went to dinner with a comedian who shall remain nameless. Huge comedian. We should have never gone to dinner, because after dinner I couldn't laugh at anything he said again.

Seeing as If I Could Turn Back Time has become your signature song, are there certain things in your life that, if you could turn back time, you'd want to take back or do over?

Oh, countless, I'm sure, but you just can't. I kind of think that even the bad things are your path and do something for you one way or another. But there are millions of things that I wish hadn't happened or I reacted to in a different way or I made a different choice, but, what belongs to you comes to you.

It's been a pretty cool career.

Yeah. I mean, it's had really high highs and really low lows and there's either laughing or crying or waiting or going, well f--- it! You know? I don't know what's going to happen. I mean, at some point, I won't be relevant, but I'm not sure. I want to be like Betty White and everybody can't be Betty White, but I'll go for as long as I want to and as long as people want me to. I've just been here so much longer ... I thought I'd be dead right now! If I had known I was going to live this long, I think I would have done less sleeping and more activities. But you know what? I've crammed five lifetimes into my life.

9/13/13 | Source: Toronto Sun

Cher, Ed Sheeran Join 'The Voice' as Mentors

By Philiana Ng

Weeks ahead of the return of "The Voice," NBC has named the new advisers for the fifth cycle.

Cher, Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder and Miguel have been tapped to help "The Voice" coaches guide their respective teams during the season.

Cher will serve as an adviser to Blake Shelton, whose finalists have won "The Voice" the past three seasons; Sheeran will work with returning coach Christina Aguilera; Tedder will team up with Adam Levine; and Miguel will work with Cee Lo Green.

"This group of wildly successful musicians will add their distinctive talents to their respective teams," said Paul Telegdy, president of late night and alternative programming at NBC Entertainment. "I know Christina, Adam, Cee Lo and Blake are very much looking forward to having them come aboard."

Past mentors for The Voice have included Hillary Scott, Pharrell Williams, Taylor Swift, Joel Madden, Sheryl Crow, Michael Buble, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mary J. Blige, Rob Thomas, Bill Withers, Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo, Robin Thicke, Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson.

"The Voice" kicks off Sept. 23 on NBC.

9/9/13 | Source: Billboard

Cher returns for another encore

By Peter Bowes

Cher, one of the world's most enduring and versatile performers, is returning to the limelight after a decade-long break from recording. The legendary singer, known for her flamboyant outfits and ever-changing hair, is releasing a new album and planning to tour again.

When we met in Santa Monica, California, Cher was as Cher-like as you could imagine - a classy three hours late and dressed to the nines. She was upbeat, introspective and as honest as they come.

Closer To The Truth is Cher's first studio release since Living Proof in 2002. The first single, Woman's World, a dance track produced and co-written by DJ Paul Oakenfold, is already a club hit.

But the singer's return to touring has come as a surprise. It is 11 years since she embarked on The Farewell Tour, a global extravaganza that was later renamed The Never Can Say Goodbye Tour, as it became clear that Cher was in no mood to give it up. The tour was extended several times and ended up completing a record breaking 326 dates.

Looking back, the singer says she was convinced that it was a final farewell.

"I really thought it was," she says. "It didn't seem like I had anything else to say."

But, at the age of 67, she has had a change of heart.

The new album features two songs written by Pink and is an eclectic mix of dance tracks, ballads and even country. The album's title, which Cher says she likes because it is "ambiguous," comes from one of Pink's songs, Walk Alone.

But Cher says: "If I had thought about it longer, I would have called it, Dressed To Kill, because it seems more appropriate."

The new music has persuaded Cher that she should hit the road again.

"When you have something new to say or new to sing, then it makes the idea of going on tour more reasonable."

But she is not relishing the prospect of travelling.

"I did a tour for three-and-a-half years and it almost killed me," she says. "There's a finite amount of energy that I have. It's pretty boundless, but it's still not endless.

"I know if I don't do it now, I'll never do it. I'm not going to do that many dates to begin with to see if I am still up for this."

Cher's apparent reluctance to leap back into the spotlight, defines a performer who seems to have been more comfortable with her life as it was two decades ago. Today, she says, it is not as much fun.

"It's fine, it's good, I can't complain," she says. But she adds: "I wish I was younger, it was a lot easier."

Cher's career started when she was 17. She found fame in the 1960s as one half of the comedy and singing duo, Sonny and Cher.

Married to Sonny Bono for 11 years, the pair enjoyed success with their own TV show and their signature song, I Got You Babe.

"Working with him was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life.

"Being married to him was not that fabulous, but working with him and being with him, we had so much fun. He was such an idiot and he made me laugh all the time. I think we shouldn't have been married, but it was endless fun."

After the couple split in 1975, Cher moved on to a hugely successful solo career, with a string of hits, movies, and sell out shows around the world.

"It was easier years ago for a number of reasons. I had a lot more freedom," she says.

"There was no 24-hour news, there were no cell phones. You could come and go as you pleased and now it is much more difficult, because everyone has Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.

"I could ride my motorcycle around and nobody would follow me or take pictures. I could go dancing and dance forever. Now I've just got to be prepared to have sweaty pictures [of me] everywhere.

"Maybe I long for a time where everything wasn't a reality show and you had to do something to become famous. That's the old timer in me," she says.

But Cher, who regularly tweets with her fans, admits social media has afforded her a new sense of freedom.

"I enjoy it, it is fun," she says.

"I'm old enough not to worry about how many people there are or if I say the wrong thing, because many times I say absolutely the wrong thing. But you know, I can just do it and I don't care."

As for growing old, the singer says she does not pay much attention to the passing years and she puts the longevity of her career down to "luck".

"I don't know how it feels to be old really. I asked my mom and she is 87 and she's not sure what it fees like either."

As a mother herself, Cher says she is now on good terms with her transgendered son, Chaz. But it was a difficult process for the singer to accept her child's sexuality.

"You wouldn't think it, but I think I knew Chaz was gay way before anybody else, when she was young. I think of Chaz in the past as a she. Chaz is now definitely a he.

"I didn't take it well and I don't know why exactly, there were many reasons, but none of them were valid."

The singer, who has legions of gay fans around the world, says it is "about time" that America finally embraced gay marriage.

"Everyone is guaranteed the pursuit of happiness," she says. "In America you are supposed to be able to enjoy certain freedom and it doesn't infringe upon anything. And you can't tell people not to be who they are. If I have learned anything, and the thing with Chaz has made it much more definitive, people have got to be who they are, always."

As she heads out on the road again, Cher is also definitive about the fact that this will be her last tour.

"I won't be doing this forever for sure," she says.

But the singer insists she will be around for a while - she has "a million" things she wants to do, including more acting.

"I have dreams to fulfil that I haven't even dreamt yet - there's no end to ideas, there's no end to things you want to do.

"I like creating and I can't see stopping creating."

9/4/13 | Source: BBC News

Cher Goes Blond For ‘Closer To The Truth’ Album Cover

By Chelsea Regan

Closer to the Truth

Cher traded in her raven black locks for a platinum blond look for the cover of her upcoming album Closer to the Truth.

Wearing next to nothing, Cher poses seductively on a bed with curly blond tresses falling beyond her shoulders and her signature smoky eye makeup. The 67-year-old entertainer teased the album with the cover photo on her Twitter account.

Closer to the Truth, Cher’s 26th studio album, will be available for purchase on Sept. 24. The lead single off the album, “A Woman’s World,” was released earlier this summer. Fittingly, the track makes her Marilyn Monroe-esque hairstyle a primary focus. As a whole, the album is said to be reminiscent of her 1998 comeback album Believe.

Cher’s confident that Closer to the Truth will prove to be her best output yet. "I think this is the best album I've ever done," Cher said on 20/20 earlier this year. "The songs are so brilliant. I got so lucky."

9/3/13 | Source: Uinterview